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Kopila Girls talk about their periods!

Kopila Valley Girls club; started on 2017 have been taking the lead in raising awareness on different social issues prevalent in the local community. On July 8th 2022; girls club organized an awareness program on "Menstrual Hygiene". Students from grade 3 to 12; both boys and girls attended the program. Though, it was a female focused issue, we wanted boys to know the natural phenomena that every girl goes through.

The program started with an introduction to girls club and a brief introduction about the program. It then focused on what menstruation is, the female reproductive organ, how to track Menstrual cycle and tips to maintain Menstrual Hygiene.

Few girls and teachers shared their first menstrual experience after that.

In the end, the floor was then opened for questions. Questions about how to avoid pregnancy and how can a woman get pregnant were asked. All in all it was a very interactive session.

Each girl got a reusable menstrual kit after the session.

Meelan Karki

Manager, Health & Wellness

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