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Kopila Valley School has a policy of fair and transparent consideration for  admission. We welcome applications regardless of religion, ethnic origin, or gender, for whom we are able to confirm stable living conditions in Birendranagar. Our school is a day school and we do not have residential facilities. We admit about 30 new 4-5 year old students each year into our early years program. We specifically select vulnerable, at-risk children in the Surkhet area. We provide free education from preschool up to grade twelve. Each student receives free uniforms, textbooks, supplies, school lunch and snacks, counseling, health care services, and career guidance. We also offer training and awareness programs for guardians to strengthen our family units.

Admissions Timeline

Admission process usually starts in the last week of Falgun (Mid March)

  • Week One to three: Applications are available

  • Week Four: Applications are due

  • Week Five: Applications are reviewed and interviews are completed

  • Week Six: Home visits are completed

  • Week Seven: Candidates are shortlisted

  • Week Eight: Final candidates are selected

  • Week Nine: School Begins

  • Evaluation Committee: To make a fair and diverse evaluation an admission committee is formed including, members from different departments of the organisation and outside. 

  • Advertisement: A notice is published in local newspapers and on local FM radio. The advertisement includes dates of form submission and admission dates, and where the forms can be collected. We also keep details of our admission process, admission requirements, and admission forms on our website. We ensure equal opportunity for all applicants in terms of collection and submission of required documents.

  • Distribution of Forms: Forms are distributed by the School for one month. Forms are not given to those who do not meet the required criteria.

  • Interview: A face to face guardian interview is held to confirm the actual situation and the child is assessed on social and linguistic development. We expect 100 percent honesty from guardians.  

  • Home Visits: The evaluation committee conducts a home visit interview with the shortlisted guardians. Information on the family situation is collected using survey tools. 

  • Final Selection and Publication of Results: Based on all the assessments, the admission evaluation committee selects students as per the vacant seats. The number of boys and girls are kept equal.  

Documents Required

Required documents include:

  • Letter from ward documenting state of the family

  • Citizenship of Parents and/or local guardians

  • Death certificates of parents,

  • Child's birth certificate,

  • Completed application from guardians including need, situation, and long term commitment

  • Medical history if available

  • Photos of the parents, guardians and the child

  • Guardian's relationship to child certificate

  • Disability certificate (if applicable)

  • Hand drawn map of directions to home

  • Commitment letter from local guardian for children out of Surkhet to look after the child for 12 years. 

The admission is prioritized as: children who have lost both parents, then children who have lost mother, then children living with no father. In all cases, the children from severely disadvantaged families, socially marginalized ethnic groups, impoverished families who are unable to educate their children, abandoned children, or those with handicapped parents are selected. The child’s age must be between 4 to 5 years at the time of admission (Baishak 1st) for placement in our nursery class. 


Tel: 083-524354

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