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"Embracing Self-Worth"

There are people who may not favor me,

But that's alright, for I know I'm destined for success in life.

To achieve my magnificent goals, it's not about seeking their approval,

I believe it's not necessary for everyone to like me.

Don't compare me to yourself,

You excel in your own realm,

And I thrive in mine.

There's no need for comparison.

If someone attempts to frighten you with threats,

Do not succumb to fear, take action, defend yourself.

Stand up for who you are, have faith in yourself,

Discover your identity and demonstrate,

How much stronger you are than others.

Next time, that person will cower in fear,

And dare not face you...

Do not believe what others think of you.

Believe in your own judgment.

It doesn't matter who feels what about you.

What truly matters is how you feel about yourself.

Why do you always cry because of others?

Who hurt you with unnecessary words.

Be happy, don't cry, for it's merely an emotion,

A display of how you feel, and

You know it's neither beneficial nor a solution.

So, you have two choices: to make yourself cry

Or to make yourself happy,

But remember, the decision is in your hands.

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Jul 20, 2023

Thank you Raksha for such a wonderful poem and Aanchal for bringing it to light!

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