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Cultivating Pathways to Sustainability

On March 16, Cultivating Pathways to Sustainability (CPS) club members had the update sharing session with Jen Cirillo from Shelburne Farms.

During the Google Meet session, the students had the opportunity to share their ideas on the school project about air pollution. They revisited their knowledge about Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) with the help of their senior CPS members, whom they had met during their CPS journey. The students explained their brainstorming process and how they chose the project on air pollution, as they realized that it was one of the major environmental issues they faced in their everyday life.

In the virtual session, they shared the major SDGs on which their project is focusing and how they inclusively came up with the action plan. Jen was impressed with the student's' project idea and action plan and appreciated their efforts. The next session will be a virtual experience-sharing session with other schools participating in CPS.

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