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Bird Watching

Birds are very special and amazing creatures. We can see these creatures all over the world. These amazing creatures make me wonder what it feels like to fly. And what would it feel like if our arms were wings and we can fly through the sky without any fear and misery. Maybe someday in the future these thoughts of mine will come true, who knows? I hope this will happen very soon. I see different birds every day, commonly pigeons, sparrows and many others. I love to watch how they are moving, how they are eating and what they are eating. Watching such birds makes me more interested in birds.

Long ago I don't remember when it was, but it was a time when corn plants were about to fully grow. We have planted corn near my bedroom’s window. Every day in the morning one small bird with shiny green feathers and long yellow beak used to come in front of my bedroom’s window. It used to look at its reflection and flap its wings on the window. It used to come every day until corn plants were there in the field. When I wake up in the morning, I used to watch it every day. While watching it lots of thoughts used to come up in my mind like “maybe this bird is feeling lonely, and he wants someone to be his friend or maybe he wants to wake me up by saying “Bijaya! Wake up you are late for the school.

I had so much fun with it. It was like having some bond of friendship with the bird and me. Until now whenever we plant corn next to my bedroom’s window it comes.

Before this incident happened, I was unaware of birds around me. I don't give them much attention but after I meet with that bird, I start to notice that I really enjoy watching birds and from then on whenever I see a bird, I feel a strange feeling of happiness inside me.

When Prashneel sir came to my class and announced that we are going to have a club for bird watching, I am here to take a list of students who are interested. I was very excited.

I always used to wake up late but on the day of bird watching I woke up just on time, so I rushed and ran to school. When I arrived at school everybody was gathered together. We formed groups to go birdwatching. First, we walk around the school in the search of birds. When I found a bird, I used to see it from binoculars.

We took photos of lots of birds like parrots, sparrow, and some others. My best part of bird watching was clicking the photos of birds and watching them doing different things. Please click on left and right arrow for more photos that we took that day.

My experience of observing birds was very interesting and different than before. Before I have never watched birds that close with that detail. I want to go bird watching again.

Bijaya, Class IX

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