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Between the Mountain and the Sky

For many years I kept journals and blog entries of my time in Nepal. I always thought that maybe one day I would make something of it but it was a project that I only talked about and rarely took action on. When covid happened and I found myself at my husband's family home with travel halted, I realized the time had come. I started to put all of my writing together and make a book out of it. It was a healing process to write my story, my journey, my love for children and Nepal. It also felt vulnerable and scary and so much pressure because I wanted the book to be the best it could be. It took me about a year to put the book together and in the end I was really proud of what I was able to write. It was difficult to edit the book and figure out what stories to include and what not to include. I was really grateful to have a wonderful team around me to help with writing, editing and making it into an actual publication. At the end of the day when I was stressed and anxious I kept reminding myself that I wanted to write the book for my children so they would have something to hold in their hands and remember me by.

Going on tour was a wonderful experience. It felt special to see my book out in the world and on book shelves and having people share the way the story touched them. Many people said they were inspired to take action to make the world better.

I will be releasing a South Asian and a Nepal edition of the book very soon and I'm so excited to share the book with Surkhet and all of our students. I hope to sign a copy for everyone when the book is finally made available in Nepal.

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