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Menstrual Hygiene Day Celebration 2024

Together For a #PeriodFriendlyWorld

Menstruation is a normal process that occurs monthly in women’s lives from the age of 11 to 45 years. Menstruation is a natural process with a signifying maturity and a woman’s reproductive capability. However, many societies have myths and taboos related to menstruation, often creating distress and challenges in girls’ lives. Representing menstruation as impure and imposing many movement restrictions have negatively affected girls’ livelihood, nutritional status, and overall empowerment. The scenario is common in many communities, and countries including Nepal. Nepal even in Birendranagar, Surkhet is not far from such beliefs.  Most people take that myth as a religious or cultural belief and are rigid and obliged to continue the restriction from generation to generation. Therefore, a breakthrough in dignified menstruation is needed. The boys or girls must know what menstruation means, and what happens monthly inside the girl's body so that blood flows outside through the vagina. Similarly, the World is celebrating Menstrual Hygiene Day on May 28 with the theme of #PeriodFriendlyWorld to break the taboos around menstrual health and hygiene. Menstrual hygiene management also emphasizes SDG Goals 3 (ensure the health and well-being of the girls by accessing the information on periods and their management), Goal  4 (ensure continuity of the school during menstruation), Goal 5 (empower girls) and Goal 6 (emphasize period-friendly water and sanitation. Hence, the Health and Wellness and Girls Club hosted an interactive workshop for grade 7-10 students, featuring educational sessions, games, and discussions. This event aimed to educate young girls about the normal physiology of menstruation, address and reduce the stigma and taboos surrounding it, and promote effective menstrual hygiene practices. Additionally, the workshop will engage boys in creating a supportive and period-friendly environment for girls. The event was conducted for two hours, The interesting part of the program was that the boys actively participated in the program to reduce society's stigma. 



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