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Suraj Lamgade

ECA Coordinator and Art Teacher

Suraj was born and raised in surkhet was fascinated in colors and creative ideas since his childhood. He is working at Kopila Valley School as an ECA Co-ordinator and Art Teacher from 7 years. He completed his Higher Education from Birendranagar Bahumukhi Campus and Lalitkala Campus. Recently, he is doing bachelors in fine arts from Lalitkala Campus Bhotahity Bathmandu.

He is an visual artist and his works are based on live painting, imagination, design, sculpture and graphic design. Suraj believes that everything is art and art can change the world. He did different art exhibition in Kathmandu during his exhibition he found that art can assist children to heal their negativity and hyperactive. Art helps children to express their feelings, idea and co-ordination brain and hand. According him, Art is everything you can imagine is real .

For inquiries or contact, feel free to reach at :

Suraj Lamgade
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