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Sunita Bhandari

Sustainability Coordinator

Sunita was born and raised in the village of Chapakot, Syangja, Nepal. She completed her masters in Environmental Science from CDES (Central Department of Environmental Science), Tribhuvan University, with research on Air pollution. Previously Sunita was a general member at YUWA (a youth led organization) and Secretary at Youth for Environment Solution (YES)(student’s club). Sunita became environmentally active as a City Environment Volunteer under Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC,) and Clean Air Ambassador under Clean Energy Nepal (CEN). Her eagerness to learn more about sustainable and regenerative initiations from the local level has brought Sunita to BlinkNow. She works to operate an environmentally friendly school campus, integrate sustainability in the teaching & learning process, and help KVS families to find ways to make their homes mores sustainable through regenerative agriculture activities. Sunita feels lucky to have grown up in a rural setting, feeling of connected to nature, which ultimately led to her immense love and respect for the environment and the natural world.

For inquiries or contact, feel free to reach at :

Sunita Bhandari
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