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Sudeshna Kafle

Librarian & Club Coordinator

"Born in Kalikot, Nepal, she is an experienced educator with over 13 years of teaching expertise. She holds a master's degree in education planning management. With a positive attitude and a genuine desire to help others, she thrives on being a positive thinker and motivator.

As an educator, she is dedicated to creating a supportive and engaging learning environment where students can excel.

She has a deep passion for personal growth and continuously seeks opportunities to learn and develop new skills. Eager to embrace new challenges, she believes in the power of education to empower individuals and uplift communities. With enthusiasm and a commitment to making a positive impact, she is dedicated to transforming lives through education. Sudeshna feels proud to be a part of Kopila Valley family.


For inquiries or contact, feel free to reach at :

Sudeshna Kafle
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