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Rekha Karki

Homeroom teacher of K.G

Rekha Karki born in India and complete her bachelor's from there. She joined Kopila Valley School at the beginning phase when it starts (2067). She is very hardworking, and very dedicated person. She takes every workload and have the gratitude to complete it on time. She works in Kopila Valley School as a grade teacher of K.G and specially teach PAF. She had 2 years' experience on teaching before joining kopila. She enjoyed sharing her skills and talents with students and co-teachers. She is very disciplined, co-coordinative, caring of all the stuffs. She loves reading story books, love to listen music, planting and always maintain the greenery in class as well make sure everywhere it should be. She is a pet lover and loves them so much. She is emotional, caring and supportive. She feels proud to teach and work at Kopila.

For inquiries or contact, feel free to reach at :

Rekha Karki
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