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Rajen Karki

Principal (Academics)

Rajen joined the Kopila family in 2017 as Vice Principal. His role is to support developing a model school that is setting a precedent for the quality of education provided to children in rural Nepal. Prior to joining Kopila Valley School, Rajen worked in Kathmandu for an environment and community development sector INGO. He has experience in the educational sector as a teacher, ECA coordinator, Vice Principal and Principal, and in the I/NGO sector in various roles and responsibilities. Rajen holds Masters of Science in Environment Management, M.A. (Sociology) and M.Ed (Education Planning & Management).  He believes that education is the most powerful medium to change the world. The children are our future and providing them with a quality education will ensure a better future for all of us. Rajen feels proud to be a part of the KV family working in Surkhet to educate children of greatest need. 

For inquiries or contact, feel free to reach at :

Rajen Karki
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