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Pratigya Dhungel

Vice Principal

Pratigya Dhungel Rana is an educator and educational leader with 11 years of experience in the education sector, demonstrating a strong commitment to making a positive impact in the field of education. Before joining Kopila, Pratigya worked in different schools in Kathmandu, and through roles such as Vice Principal, Associate Superintendent, Teacher, and Educational Leadership Consultant, she has honed her expertise in curriculum development, learning enhancement, and educational technology integration. Having worked in curriculum design, staff development, and academic administration, she has demonstrated her passion for creating a secure and engaging learning environment. She holds an MPhil in Educational Leadership from Kathmandu University, an M.A. in English (T.U.), and a B.Ed. in English (T.U.). Currently, she is pursuing a PhD in Educational Leadership at Kathmandu University to expand her knowledge and skill set.

For inquiries or contact, feel free to reach at :

Pratigya Dhungel
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