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Pramila Sunar

Assistant of Learning Lab

Pramila Sunar, a permanent resident of Kalangaun Sukhet and a graduate student at KVS, joined KVS as a volunteer teacher in 2075 (2018). In her role as a volunteer teacher, Pramila supported the grade 3 homeroom teacher and focused on learning how to teach effectively. Additionally, she took on the responsibility of being an Assistant Librarian during her volunteer period. At that time, Pramila had recently completed her 12th-grade exams.

After finishing her 12th-grade education, Pramila pursued BBS Management. Her kindness, honesty, and hardworking nature were recognized during her year of volunteering, leading to her selection as an Assistant Teacher of Learning Lab. In the Learning Lab, she contributes across all subjects, including English, Math, Science, and Nepali. Furthermore, Pramila takes on the role of a Social and HPC teacher.

Beyond her teaching responsibilities, Pramila indulges in her love for dancing and singing. She shares her passion by teaching dance for a junior dance club. Her dedication and passion for her job drive her to continuously improve in areas such as interaction and leadership.

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Pramila Sunar
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