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Lila Ram Acharya

School Coordinator

Born and raised in Bardiya, a charming town in the mid-western part of Nepal, Lila has developed a deep-rooted connection to the region. Lila’s journey in the field of teaching began from 2001, and over the past two decades, he has garnered extensive experience in teaching and held various leadership positions in different schools.


For the past eight years, he has been contributing his expertise to Kopila Valley School, where he finds immense joy in fostering a learning environment. Teaching is not just a profession for Lila; it is a passion that has driven his career. His commitment to education goes beyond the classroom, as he believes in shaping young minds and empowering the next generation.


Having worked in diverse educational settings, he has sharpened  his skills and embraced the challenges that come with leading educational institutions. The journey from his humble beginnings in Bardiya to his current role at Kopila Valley School has been enriching, filled with experiences that fuel his enthusiasm for teaching.

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Lila Ram Acharya
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