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Durga prasad kandel

Head Of Department (social studies)

Durga Prasad Kandel, hailing from Birendranagar-01, Surkhet, is a seasoned educational professional with over 12 years of dedicated experience in the field. Armed with an M.A. in Population Studies from Tribhuwan University (T.U.) and an M.A. in Economics, he embodies a profound commitment to fostering holistic education. His journey at Kopila commenced in 2023, initially as a secondary level educator, and has since evolved into the esteemed role of Head of Department for Social Studies. Prior to his tenure at Kopila, He lent his expertise to various educational institutions across Surkhet and Dailekh districts of Nepal. His roles, ranging from Principal to ECA Coordinator and Teacher, underscore his versatile skill set and unwavering dedication to nurturing a secure and engaging learning atmosphere. A firm believer in the transformative power of education, he continually seeks avenues to broaden his knowledge and enhance his pedagogical prowess.

At the heart of Durga Prasad's approach lies a profound belief in the pivotal role of education as a catalyst for societal change. He thrives on fostering collaborative environments, actively engaging with fellow educators and administrators to exchange ideas and refine lesson plans. His unwavering commitment to self-reflection underscores his relentless pursuit of excellence, driving continual improvement within the educational landscape. In his pursuit of excellence, he finds boundless joy in cultivating environments conducive to learning. His mantra, is "Education is an effective weapon for changing the world," encapsulates his fervent belief in the transformative potential of education. Through his unwavering dedication and steadfast resolve, Durga exemplifies a beacon of inspiration in the realm of education, poised to shape the minds and futures of generations to come.

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Durga prasad kandel
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