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Bina Jha


Bina Jha joined Kopila Valley School as the School Director on 01 Feb 2024. Bina is a dedicated academician with over 15 years of experience, driven by a profound passion for societal improvement through education. She hails from a small village in the Rautahat district and is currently immersed in her Ph.D. studies in Sociology, focusing on advancing our understanding of societal dynamics.

Her extensive career in education spans diverse roles and locations throughout Nepal, reflecting her versatility and commitment to enhancing the educational landscape. Bina has excelled as a Campus Chief, lecturer, trainer, and facilitator, contributing significantly to education leadership, curriculum integration, and various other facets of the academic sphere.

Bina's academic journey includes the successful completion of a Master’s in Sociology with a specialization in Gender Studies from Tribhuvan University, Nepal. Additionally, Bina holds a master's degree in Maithili and a bachelor’s in law, showcasing her interdisciplinary approach and commitment to holistic learning.

Beyond her academic pursuits, Bina is actively engaged in impactful research, further enriching her expertise. As a seasoned educator and trainer, she continues to make significant contributions to the development and improvement of educational practices. Bina Jha's journey epitomizes a relentless pursuit of knowledge, a commitment to societal betterment, and an unwavering dedication to the field of education.

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Bina Jha
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