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At KVS, we extend learning beyond the classroom to encourage our students to participate in extracurricular activities. By trying out new experiences, our students are encouraged to explore their talents, seek new interests, build social skills, and engage in self-exploration and personal growth. Our students have an opportunity to pursue staff-led sporting and non-sporting activities, as well as participate in service-learning projects. These programs take place throughout the year with Club Day once per week and other activities before or after school and on weekends.

Clubs & Activities

Students have the opportunity to participate in clubs focused on the arts, computer coding, chess, football, table tennis, cooking, gender-based clubs, music, dance, yoga & meditation, sustainability, Nepali culture and much more. 

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In addition to a core academic curriculum, Kopila Valley School provides curriculum that enriches the total education of the student.

  • The Arts: interacting with various works of dance, drama, music, and visual arts.

  • Create and Innovate: activities that encourage our students to nurture their curiosity.

  • Brain Games: activities that encourage our students to problem-solve, inquire, strategize, and make connections.

  • Wellness and Mindfulness: support for our students’ commitment to developing a healthy body and healthy mind.

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