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You are the root while I am a flower

You are the root where I am a flower.

You are the root where I am the trunk,

You act like a branch when I become the leaves,

You made the nodes to grow the branches,

You are still the root even if I am the bud.

Still, you are a root even if I am a flower.

I promise to remain the same colorful bud

And beat the tallest flower.

To every teacher,

One day I will grow to be an adult and look backward,

I will apply the life lessons learned from you,

I will remember the debates I used to have to waste the class time,

Knowing it's wrong still, moving on the same path.

You forgave because it was riskier to stop me.

The spirit of you will never disappear,

It will empower me to bear the terror.

Thank you! I was dolt enough to thank you before.

It’s not only today, you are always the same.

What was necessary to take extra care?

What called for making my voice heard?

Thank you for being the second parent.

It’s not 'I love you today and ignore you tomorrow',

It’s 'I am grateful to you and will always be'.

Rekha, Class X

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