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Worms at Work in Kopila !

Vermicomposting is a way of converting organic waste into nutrient rich compost with the help of worms. Starting from the trail in a small open space at the vocational site of school with 5 kg of earthworms (Eisenia foetida), we now have three major vermicomposting plots. We repurposed the plastic waste which came from maintenance of the gray and black water treatment wetland and used crumpled papers as bedding which we couldn't shred or use for other purposes. Used cow manure from our farm and other degradable waste and created a favorable environment for earthworms to work.

Vermicomposting topic has been incorporated in our gardening curriculum too. Our children have been involved since the first day of the vermicomposting project. They use the vermicompost in their class plots to grow vegetables.

We have been successful in preparing more than 5000 kg of vermicompost which we used in our farmland at vocational sites and at newland. We now have more than 80 kg of earthworms only in those major plots and also have set up smaller manure bulks for vermicomposting at the corners of the few other farming plots at the vocational site.

Sunita Bhandari

Sustainability Coordinator

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