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Simi & Rachelle Mentor on Presentation Skills

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

On September 8, as a part of Mentorship Program Simi Mohandas and Rachelle joy Orosco of Kitopi International mentored Grade XII on presentation skills.

The presentation was amazing and very useful. We are grateful to Simi & Rachelle for their time and consideration for such a wonderful session. Furthermore, Simi & Rachelle have forwarded links for our kids to join and further hone in their skills.

Grade 12 kids can sign up for these using the links below:

May you all have wonderful learning experience with such insightful lessons and engaging online courses and grow to become confident communicators and wonderful presenters as Simi & Rachelle.

Thank you, again Simi & Rachelle! We look forward for wonderful sessions again.

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