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School life through my eyes

If I had an opportunity to make a wish, I would wish for the superpower; to turn over and wear the same outfit as my school's again. In life, we have to cross many phases. The phase of school life is the most beautiful and the most joyous of all.

Though, life is all about learning. Indeed, school life is about preparing to face all the challenges, and bad days as well as creating the best memories, being human and finally preparing further for life.

I started going to school when I was nine years old. I still remember the first day of school. I knew nobody, anybody coming near would be a stranger to me because I had no idea how to make friends. My teacher showed me the classroom; from that moment the teacher was my first friend, "Samjhana Miss" as She told me her name. I was smiling so brightly, and I accepted the fact that she was my friend and a teacher at the same time.

My school; Kopila Valley School is not just a place for education, it is a place for everything; learning, teaching, playing, loving, learning to adjust to society, building new friendships, living and finally dreaming. It is a dream come true to get a chance to study at Kopila Valley School. It is not only a school, undoubtedly; it is a true home for more than 400 students. The food is given for free, the uniforms are given for free, and whenever I used to feel sick there was a clinic right next to my classroom and a library for another world. Similarly, the environment at the Kopila Valley school cannot be compared with any other school. Everything is very eco-friendly, sustainable and finally the most friendly; the walls of the classrooms are made up of rammed earth, we have a long suspension iron bridge as well as a wooden bridge, farming; cows, hens, turkey, ducks, gardening and unlimited fruits for the students as well as the visitors.

School life is not something that we own. It is something that we have to create. Who knows? How does someone's day end either by arguing with their classmates or creating moments that cannot be replaced? Although not everybody gets to experience this school life, those who experience it have the best life. We only go to school once, remarkably we have to be good students to prove we are worthy of being capable humans with our positive attitude as well as humanity to the people on the earth.

Despite this fact from the first day, we are taught to maintain report cards in the examination. A good student is someone who not only maintains good grades, indeed s/he is; punctual, disciplined, helpful, sincere and humble.

As a kid, like most of the people I also used to look up to well-educated people, but now have I realize that well-mannered people are much more trustworthy and better than just educated people because well-mannered people are aware of; love, kindness, and respect. This is what school life teaches us and makes us aware of what is happening around us and who are our real people.

My teachers have taught me to show gratitude towards everything we have and that we need to value things in the world. My teachers are the root while I am a flower, while I never asked for it they took extra care of me, and they showed me how a parent or guardian is.

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Jun 07, 2023
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