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Mahabir Pun visits Kopila Valley School

In an event today, Mahabir Pun, a celebrated scientist from Nepal, honored our School with his presence. The renowned innovator shared his wealth of knowledge and insights with the eager students, leaving an inerasable mark on the academic atmosphere.

Mahabir Pun delivered a compelling speech that not only captivated the minds of the students but also instilled a sense of curiosity and enthusiasm for innovation. His emphasis on the importance of pushing boundaries and fostering creativity resonated deeply with the audience.

The event also featured a dynamic question and answer session, where students engaged in insightful conversations with Mahabir Pun. The scientist's ability to connect with the young minds, addressing their queries with patience and clarity, added a layer of inspiration to the interaction.

Notably, Mahabir Pun took the opportunity to highlight the significance of innovation in today's fast-paced world. He urged the students to embrace creativity and critical thinking, emphasizing that innovation is the key to overcoming challenges and shaping a better future.

The visit by Mahabir Pun proved to be a memorable experience for both students and faculty at Kopila Valley School, inspiring a new wave of enthusiasm for science and innovation. The echoes of his words are expected to resonate in the minds of the students, driving them to explore new horizons and contribute to the world of science and technology.

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