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Anjana Sing Sunar

Assistant Teacher

Anjana joined the kopila valley school in 2080 as an assistant teacher. she completed her +2 from shree tripureshower secondary school and she is running a bachelor from English in Mid - west university. She has two years of experience in Balbagaicha Gyankunj and four years of experience in Balan Shikhsha Academy. Her behaviors are calm, kind and helpful. She can run the classes by doing extra activities like dance, through music, drawing etc. She is very loyal, punctual, and honest in her job. She chose this teaching job because she believes that "The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery" which is according to Mark Van Doren . She is very glad and grateful to be a part of Kopila family.

For inquiries or contact, feel free to reach at :

Anjana Sing Sunar
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